Bristol Commons and Lenox Green

Project Overview
Bristol Commons and Lenox Green is one of many multifamily projects in which KEG was a key part of the team. KEG has worked with Trinity Financial in the successful completion of many mixed income multifamily apartment projects in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Bristol Commons and Lenox Green was developed in partnership with the City of Taunton Housing Authority and involved the successful acquisition a $22 Million Federal HOPE VI Revitalization grant from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, private equity resources and other public funds which were used to reconstruct the distressed 150-unit Fairfax Gardens public housing development.

The project transformed a 1951 isolated, 150-unit barracks-style dilapidated public housing project located in the middle of a low density, single-family neighborhood into a vibrant new mixed income community.

Bristol Commons, consisting of total of 160 units. includes 80 townhomes and eight duplex units, as well as new site infrastructure, a new community center, community gardens, green space, a basketball court and other community amenities. The 88 units in the Bristol Commons phase include one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom units.

A second site located in downtown Taunton in a transit oriented development (TOD) overlay district, named Lenox Green, took a formerly unutilized blighted property converting it to a new community with eighteen townhomes, a three story 54-unit mid-rise building with community space/management offices, raised community planting beds, walking paths connecting to local services, a playground and other community amenities.

KEG is proud to be a part of the team for such a transformative project which involved complicated local and state permitting. State permits included completion of the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act process and the Mass Natural Heritage permitting process.

The challenges in the project included working with neighborhood concerns, poor soils, wetlands resource areas and community interests. Each challenge was addressed and the project successfully completed. KEG was responsible for site design and permitting for the project including topographic and property line surveys; provided civil/site design including site layout, grading, and utilities and construction and administration.