Sample Single Family Residential

Project Overview
KEG has designed many single family subdivisions throughout the Commonwealth. Each subdivision design brings its unique challenges. The challenges included navigating the web of local and state regulations. KEG understands that residential developments differ substantially from commercial developments and that, although many of the same design tools can be used, residential developments need to be designed with an understanding that the end users are homeowners and families. KEG strives to design residential subdivisions to fit into the natural environment. Roads are designed to maximize lot yields and minimize road length while fitting into the land minimizing earth moving and maintaining natural vegetation. Stormwater systems are design to operate but to fit into the landscape.

In each project KEG generally leads all aspects of the site design and permitting including topographic and property line surveys, civil/site design, grading, utilities and sewage disposal system design. Projects involve complicated local and state permitting such as Mass DOT access permitting and NHESP.