Tufankjian Toyota Braintree

Project Overview
The Tufankjian Toyota project is located on an approximately 6 acre parcel at a premium location along Route 3 near Rte. 128. It was the site of a then closed popular business- the Hilltop Steakhouse. It was one of the first new prototype state of the art Toyota facilities and involves three floor with two being use for vehicle storage because of the smaller lot configuration. It is located at the gateway to Braintree.

KEG led all aspects of the site design and permitting for the project including topographic and property line surveys; provided civil/site design including site layout, grading, and utilities; coordinated transportation planning; prepared all permit applications; coordinated with the Town representatives; and represented the project through the public hearing process.

The project involved complicated local and state permitting. State permits included Mass DOT access permitting process and permitting through DOT because of proximity to the rail. Local permitting included Planning Board permits.
The project was complicated by its location adjacent to Route 3, its limited site area and complicated drainage pattern.